Volunteers to Remodel Home for Local Man

5:57 PM, Nov 18, 2012   |    comments
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ELMA, N.Y. - Hundreds of volunteers and people close to Norm Reformat are ready to get dirty to change the life of someone in need of help.

Reformat, who's a plumber has always had the goal of remodeling his home, but because of his declining health he's been unable to do so.

So, the community will bind together for the next two weeks to make Reformat his dream home.

"It's just awesome, a great sense of community, we know it's for a great cause, so absolutely no issues with volunteers here we got plenty," said one volunteer. 

The crew, about 100 in total, wore orange shirts and all of them were working for one cause - to fix up 91 South Blossom Road, which is where the 51-year-old Reformat lives. 

Reformat's health problems have been long-lasting.

He's been diabetic for 37 years. About three years ago he suffered kidney failure. He did have a transplant to get new kidneys and a new pancreas. However, his family says in recent months Norm's health has declined.

Also helping out is the Christian Youth Corps, which joined volunteers to march to Norm's home Friday night. They're all beginning the work of refurbishing his home.

Family says this is the the job Norm always wanted to do himself.

A video of all the action will be shown to Norm either in the hospital or when he gets out.

"Oh, he'd, hahaha, I don't think, I think he'd be speechless, a little puddle, crying, it's incredible," said Gary Reformat, Norm's brother. 

Marilyn Jackson, a friend said, "I think he'll just be overjoyed, this is something that we all just chose to do." 

Total cost should be about $20,000. According to organizers about $7,000 has been raised so far. Donations have been made from the community and Crossroads Christian Church. The Town of Elma has also pitched in by waiving all the permitting fees to get the house up to code.

"If the town can't donate a couple hundred dollars in building permit fees then something's wrong," said James Malczewski, a councilman for the town. 

The crews will brave the cold for the next two weeks, by trying to keep warm outdoors. But, think about how warm Norm will be when he finds out what the community did for him.

Everyone expected Norm to be home Friday night so they could surprise him, but since he's in the hospital, he was unable to make it.

Norm is day-to-day right now. Hopefully by the time crews are done, Norm is out of the hospital so he can enjoy that new home.












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