Southern Tier Slowly Drying Up

9:10 PM, Nov 25, 2012   |    comments
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SOUTH DAYTON, N.Y. - The tiny village of South Dayton, Cattaraugus County, got some of the most snowfall Saturday from the weather system that entered into Western New York this weekend. South Dayton got about five inches of snowfall.

From South Dayton to Gowanda to Hamburg, the snow has made things slick in some areas, while others remained dry. Still, a good sign showing that some areas still remain wet is that plows are still on the roads.

Plows have been spotted both Friday night and a good portion of Saturday. Many were found on major highways like the 219.

Some emergency responders approve of the job the plows have been doing. Thomas Kehr, the vice president of Lawtons Fire Department said, "I would say pretty good, especially south of Hamburg, we pretty much stay south of Hamburg, we don't get to the city that often, they're doing a good job out here." 

But, there were some hiccups on the road. One driver spun out on the 219 in Springville and had to be towed.

The wind has been strong as well. Folks in Ellicottville had to do some shoveling Saturday, also places like Colden are digging out.

Robert Phillips, who was visiting family in Springville and was traveling from Alabama said, "it was quite a drive home, a couple cars in the ditch, just very slow going." 

Frank Krause of Virginia said, "Oh yeah, the kids think it's great, I'm driving in it, I don't think it's as great."

With the holiday weekend nearly over, people are still coming in and out of the area and that means people are on the roads. If you are traveling by road, you're advised to use caution. 

Meantime, places like Holiday Valley, the major ski resort in Ellicottville, is covered with snow. This is a good sign for what could fall there this winter.

Jay Stoddard, an avid skier said, "this is why we live here in the winter. Most people like to live on the beach this time of year, people around here like to ski ... this is a welcome."

Holiday Valley hopes to open sometime on Thursday or Friday for skiing enthusiasts.

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