Buffalo Museum Of Science Triples Membership Since 2007

3:25 PM, Jan 5, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Things are changing dramatically at the Buffalo Museum of Science, So much so that memberships to the museum have tripled since 2007.   The main reason, the museum is transforming itself to appeal to everyone.

The transformation of the science museum is easy to see. Ever since 2009 when the incredibly popular "Body Worlds" premiered, the museum has been on a renaissance path of sorts, with memberships exploding, one reason is they are now focused on transforming the permanent exhibit space, which includes "Explore You", and "Our Marvelous Earth" just to name a few.

"We will continue to transform our permanent spaces through october 2015 and intend to open a new one every six months, lots of change at the science museum" said Mark Mortenson, the CEO of the museum.

Last fall, the museum opened the traveling exhibit called "The Science of Sports."  As you would imagine it focuses on force, velocity, math and geometric angles, all key parts of sports.

The "Science of Sports" exhibit even hosted a bubble hockey tournament where 64 teams of two played the sport that is truly made in Buffalo.

Directors tell us the museum will continue its mission of making a closer connection to the community. They plan on opening several new studios including motion sciences, insects and space. 

If you want to see the Science of Sports exhibit, you'd better hurry.  Sunday is the last day.

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