City: MLK Splash Pad Project To Be Open June 1st

12:24 AM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY - Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak tells 2 on Your Side that the long delayed splash pad project at MLK park should be up and running by June 1st along with the rest of the city's splash pads and pools. Stepniak says crews will finish with final testing of the underground pipes and shower heads in May. They have also been working on the surface of the pad.

Neighborhood groups have complained that the city did not put enough pressure on the Man O' Trees contracting firm to get the work done as promised last summer. Samuel Herbert of the Coalition to Save MLK Park says he is still skeptical . Herbert says he reminded Stepniak that the coalition and residents are counting on the opening of the splash pad as a centerpiece for the Juneteenth Festival in the park on June 8th.

City Hall spokesman Mike DeGeorge says there will be an announcement on the project in the near future.

The $4.5 Million dollar project involves extensive underground pipes which will pump water for the splash pad in the summer and then provide the frozen ice surface for a skating rink in the winter. Stepniak says it is a very complex project which is the largest of its kind. He says the delays by the contractor have been discussed with the city's legal department but their main emphasis has been on getting the project completed and making sure it works properly.     

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