Peace Bridge Authority: Going Nowhere Fast

6:54 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - There are plenty of problems at the Peace Bridge Authority and after Friday's board meeting, it does not look like anything is about to improve.

The bickering got so bad, board members could not even approve the minutes from the previous meeting.

There is also tension over approving bonds for future projects and the fact that some New York State lawmakers are pushing for the authority to be eliminated.

After the tense meeting on Friday, Canadian chairman Anthony Annunziata answered Two On Your Side's questions, including - can the board agree on anything?

"I'm hoping the U.S. members can see that doing these projects are significant and hopefully they can get past those differences," said Annunziata. "Not approving the minutes today was not a good signal."

U.S. board member Sam Hoyt would not answer questions, only giving reporters a statement.

"We wanna get things done," said Hoyt. "We want to get them done quickly. We want to work with the entire board to get that done. That's all I got."

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