Hamburg Superintendent Abruptly Resigns

6:45 PM, Jun 27, 2013   |    comments
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Video: Hamburg Superintendent Abruptly Resigns

Steven Achramovitch

HAMBURG, NY-- The embattled Superintendent of the Hamburg Central School District abruptly resigned Wednesday night during a special meeting of the school board.

A member of the school board told Two On Your Side that Steven Achramovitch announced at the start of the meeting that they would be discussing a personnel issue but did not call for an executive session.

He went on to explain that his resignation would be effective August 10th.  School board meetings have grown increasingly contentious, especially over the past year, and several lawsuits were filed.

A source told us that following last month's school board elections, three newly elected board members have been very outspoken about their unhappiness with the way the Superintendent handled the recent controversies and the lawsuits that resulted. 

They allegedly warned the Superinterndent that "starting July first, there will be a new dawn in the Hamburg district."    

Today Achramovitch told 2 on Your Side that it was just a "good time" for him to retire. He cited academic progress for the district and its high efficiency rankings for administration.

He did say that there were many factors in his decision but the legal disputes and controversy among taxpayers over the district's legal fees were one of those factors.

Board Member Holly Balaya also points out that with the election of three new board members, he may have felt it would be more difficult to work with them.

One of those new board members, David Yoviene, told 2 On Your Side that they did meet with Achramovitch and made it clear that they wanted to put the focus back on education instead of legal disputes.        

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