Class D Preview

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Maple Grove & Randolph Will Battle for the Title

Randolph: Cardinals have firepower to again compete for the State Title

Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake: Combining Baker and Hulton with Tanner makes Red Dragons/Thunderbirds awesome

Portville: Waugh, Marcelin and Caya will have Panthers in playoffs.

Ellicottville/West Valley: Bergan will be missed. 

Westfield/Brocton: Hunt is a tough player and leader.

Catt./Little Valley: Timberwolves go as far as Forester takes them.

Top Players:
Cassadaga Valley - Jordan Crabtree
Maple Grove, Chautauqua Lake - Chandler Baker
Westfield/Ripley - Nolan Hunt
Portville - Ben Waugh
Randolph - Cody Oldro
Ellicottville/West Valley - Phalla Musall



Brent Brown takes over the helm from Pat Slater, who amassed over 200 wins and 3 State Titles in his career. Returning are 7 on both sides of the ball from last year's State Champions, led by 6'3, 235-lb. All-WNY Candidate Cody Oldro. He is a tackling machine. The offense is to be sparked by Mitch Maycock, Chris Doubek, Nick Hettenbaugh and Bryce Morrison. Defense is to be led by Oldro, Lucas Brown (who should have earned 1st Team All-State Honors last season), Mike Bowers, Doubek and Morrison. Line is to be anchored by Bowers and Jeff Andrews. They open at home with Westfield/Brocton and Ellicottville/West Valley. The matchup at Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake in week 4 should decide the League Title. Cardinals have talent to compete again for Sectional and State Championship.

Head Coach: Brent Brown (1st year)
Assistant Coaches: Gerald Carlson, Nate Armella, Kevin Hind, J.J. Peterson, Greg Sherlock
2012 Varsity Record: 11-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 7, Defense - 7
Key Players: Mike Bowers, Cody Oldro, Chris Doubek, Lucas Brown, Mitchell Maycock, Bryce Morrison, Jeff Andrews, Nick Hettenbaugh
2012 JV Record: 7-1-0



Red Dragons are 20-2 over the past two seasons and have merged with Chautauqua Lake for football this season. Curt Fischer has won 172 games in 21 years, and will have the team competing for League, Sectional, and State Titles. Defense will be led by Jonah Tanner, A.J. Hulton and Chandler Baker. Players from Ripley will attend Chautauqua Lake and play football for MGCL.

They open with Portville; should be undefeated prior to the matchup with Randolph in week 4.

Head Coach: Curt Fischer (172-39-0, 21 years)
Assistant Coaches: Ed Hulton
2012 Varsity Record: 9-1-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 4, Defense - 5
Key Players: A.J. Hulton, Chandler Baker, Joneh Tanner, Graham Nelson, Chad Klingensmith, Jed Micek
Key Losses: Oliver Simpson, Jake Swan, Jon Scroxton, Aaron Germain, Anthony Pezzulo, Andrew Pezzulo



Panthers return several starters led by All-WNY Candidate Ben Waugh, who should rush for 1,000 yards. Other key players for Gary Swetland include Brett Marcelin, Curtis Caya and Justus Elliot. They have a tough opening against Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake, but should compete for the Title and a playoff berth.

Head Coach: Gary Swetland (120-69-1, 21 years)
Assistant Coaches: Matt Milne, Dave Waugh, Mike Matz, Paul Holloawby
2012 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 5, Defense - 6
Key Players: Ben Waugh, Justus Elliott, Derek Kreamer, Curtis Caya, Brett Marcellin, Kevin Flaigh
Key Losses: Tyler Veno, Zach Wood, Gunnar VanCuren



Eagles had an outstanding season in 2012, winning the Class DD Sectional Title. The team moves up to Class D for this season, but will be competitive. They return 7 on offense and 8 on defense. Offense will be sparked by Cam Wilson, and Jr. RB Phalla Musall, who rushed for 1,333 yards and 14 TDs last year. The line will be anchored by Cody Tomblin and Fletcher Macomb. Defense will be led by Dylan Paprocki, Calum Watt and Jesse Pollock. They play at Randolph in week 2. Eagles will make the playoffs, but will miss long-time coach Tim Bergan who retired after posting a 161-91-1 record in 28 years as Head Coach. Chad Bartoszek, former Salamanca & University at Buffalo All-Star and Indianapolis Colts player takes over the program.

Head Coach: Chad Bartoszek (1st year)
2012 Varsity Record: 7-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 7, Defense - 8
Key Players: Phalla Musall, cam Wilson, Callum Watt, Jesse Pollock, Dylan Paprocki, Cory Tomblin, Fletcher Macomb, Tom Easton
Key Losses: Storm Wilson, Greg Knier
2012 JV Record: 2-5-0



Cougars move down to Class D for this season. They return 5 on offense and 6 on defense. Talent from the 7-1 JV squad will help Nick Spitzer's team make the playoffs. Line will be anchored by Tyson Gugino. Offense is to be led by Nick Peterson and Jordan Crabtree. Eben Torres will key the defense. The Cougars open at Ellicottville/West Valley.

Head Coach: Nick Spitzer (8-16-0, 3 years)
Assistant Coaches: Tim Wissman, Jeff Smith, Joe Mistretta
2012 Varsity Record: 3-5-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 5, Defense - 6
Key Players: Eben Torres, Nick Peterson, Tyson Gugino, Jordan Crabtree
Key Losses: Brady Simpson, David Carlson, Jordan Boughton
2012 JV Record: 7-1-0



Wolverines return 3 on both sides of the ball from last year's 4-4 record. Talent from the 6-2 JV squad will help Bob North. Nolan Hunt will spark the offense at QB, while Garrett Francisco will lead the defense. The key to the season will be to put points on the board. Wolverines have a tough opener.

Head Coach: Robert North (16-19-0, 4 years)
Assistant Coaches: Dan Martin, Frank Quagliana
2012 Varsity Record: 4-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense - 3, Defense - 3
Key Players: Nolan Hunt, Garrett Francisco
Key Losses: Mike Okerlund, Devin Emerson
2012 JV Record: 6-2-0





QB- Brett Marcelin, Portville
QB- Mitchell Maycock, Randolph
RB- Calum Watt, Ellicottville/WV
RB- Chris Doubek, Randolph
RB- Nick Peterson, Cassadaga Valley
RB- Phalla Musall, Ellicottville/West Valley
RB- Ben Wauch, Portville
WR- Jordan Crabtree, Cassadaga Valley
WR- Eben Torris, Cassadaga Valley
OL- Garrett Francisco, Westfield/Ripley
OL- Tyson Gugino, Cassadaga Valley
OL- Justus Elliot, Portville
OL- Jeff Andrews, Randolph
OL- Jesse Pollock, Ellicottville/WV


DL- Mike Bowers, Randolph
DL- Joneh Tanner, Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake
DL- Curtus Caya, Portville
DL- Corey Tomblin, Ellicottville/WV
LB- A.J. Hulton, Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake
LB- Dylan Paprock, Ellicotville/WV
LB- Lucas Brown, Randolph
LB- Cody Oldro, Randolph
LB- Chandler Baker, Maple Grove/Chautauqua Lake
LB- Bryce Morrison, Randolph
DB- Nolan Hunt, Westfield/Ripley
DB- Cam Wilson, Ellicottville/WV
DB- Nick Hettenbaugh, Randolph
DB- Brett Marcellin, Portville

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