Cuomo Launches Competition to Revitalize Niagara Falls

10:35 PM, Oct 5, 2013   |    comments
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NIAGARA FALLS, NY-- Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday a competition to revitalize Niagara Falls.

Cuomo's office says the state will partner with Niagara Falls to launch the 'Downtown Niagara Falls Development Challenge', a competition for designers, developers and operators to "envision and develop signature projects in the downtown area that will attract significant private sector investment and accelerate the revitalization of Niagara Falls. 

Officials hope the competition will turn Niagara Falls into the ultimate tourist attraction.

"With the launch of this competition, we are challenging talented designers and developers to dream up and propose grand ideas to transform the Downtown Niagara Falls area into a premier destination that will attract tourists and fuel private investment," Governor Cuomo said in a released statement. "This competition is a real opportunity for champions in the development and investment industries to face off right here in the Falls with the best ideas to be turned into reality. We are looking for creative and innovative projects that will spur private development and at the end of day, entice visitors to the area so that they will stay longer and spend more in the community. So while this competition is just beginning, we already know who the winners are - and that is the people of Western New York."

City of Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster said, "This is an innovative competition to generate progress in Niagara Falls. The Governor's contest will match concept against concept with the best projects winning. Recently we have seen a genuine interest in investing in downtown Niagara Falls. This transformative commitment of $40 million will jump start the additional private development needed to create an exciting family friendly Niagara Falls experience."

Niagara Falls attracts more visitors annually than the Grand Canyon and most U.S National Parks.  Some of the Billion Buffalo funds will be used to promote the competition.

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