Keeping Weeds Out Of Your Garden

7:12 AM, Apr 26, 2007   |    comments
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I'm using a really old technique to keep the weeds out of my garden beds. Take black plastic use it as a mulch. Buy black plastic, the thin stuff or heavier stuff that's used in construction. I'm going to cover this entire bed with the black plastic. You can hold it down with dirt or bricks or stone or buy some plastic or metal stakes that go through the ground to hold it tight. Cover the entire bed with black plastic, what this will do is warm the ground earlier so I can plant earlier. It will keep the weeds out all summer. After you cover it with the plastic dig a hole where you are going to plant your plant. Or if you wanted to plant a row of something you can slice a line and plant your row of beans or peas. Its a great way to keep the weeds out, it saves you a lot of work in the summertime. Keeps the moisture in and warms the soil early. So think about using some black plastic mulch this year.

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