Garden Walk Weekend

8:14 PM, Jul 25, 2008   |    comments
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The Buffalo Garden Walk is preparing to host what will now be the largest garden walk in the country. More than 300 hundred homes are participating in this event which has garnered volumes of national recognition, painting a very green and colorful picture of the City of Buffalo. Turnout is expected to set an attendance record rivaling Buffalo's other major festivals with regional tourism leading the way. The Garden Walk has raised property values, improved neighborhoods through grants and created a better sense of community in the neighborhoods that participate. This year a Free Shuttle Bus will loop the area and green organizations, businesses and experts will be stationed on the Bidwell Parkway lawn to provide green information. Here are a few locations you may want to check out along the route this year. Click the links to the right to see a video previews and get a map! Erie Basin Marina- The colorful gardens lining the entrance to the Erie Basin Marina serve as the southernmost point of the Buffalo Garden Walk. Many people aren't aware that these gardens are also a testing ground for commercial growers. This year, garden walk participants will be given flags to place near their favorites. The species that get the most votes could end up on store shelves throughout the U.S. There are also a selection of wood carvings from the remains of the October Storm on display in the gardens as well. Johnson Park Neighborhood- The oldest park in Buffalo, Johnson Park named after Buffalo's first mayor boasts many historical buildings dating back to the 1800’s. The park has undergone improvements and numerous homes open their gardens front & back, making it a great stop on the walk coming up this weekend. 16th Street-This street is the most improved on the walk. After 10yrs of participation most of the homes are now involved. Each year the residents pitch in to assist neighbors in need and help them with their gardens. There are more than 15 homes participating many with front & back yards including many water features in a very urban setting. Manchester Place- Manchester Place boasts 6 new gardens in the walk this year. Near the north boundary of the walk this tree lined street just off Richmond Ave. is a nice walking tour of front yards showcasing a mix of annuals and metal sculptures Granger Place- A gem all by itself on Granger Place. Featured in a 6 page photo shoot in the national magazine Garden Gate add this location to your list of must sees as a solution for small spaces. Take a break in their outdoor room. Columbus Parkway-A new neighborhood just added to the Garden Walk for 2008. This historic area near the Peace Bridge is working hard to bring their gardens to life. Many homes date back to the 1800s and feature both front & backyards complete with historic artifacts incorporated into their outdoor designs.


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