Unknown Future for Buffalo Creek Casino

6:46 AM, Mar 19, 2009   |    comments
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The new Chairman of the Seneca Gaming Corporation, Cochise Redeye, says he wants to make changes to the way things are handled over the coming months, starting with transparency from the board.  But there doesn't appear to be a clear picture about a casino in downtown Buffalo. 

The Senecas halted construction on the new casino on Fulton Street last summer, citing economic reasons.  Redeye was less than optimistic about the project coming to a conclusion, given the current financial crisis. 

"If the Gaming Corporation could go out to market right now and get a bond to build I believe the council would tell us to build.  We just haven't been able to do that," says Redeye. 

The Seneca Gaming Corporation officially named Redeye as chairman at a Wednesday afternoon news conference.

Redeye replaces Barry Snyder Sr., who sent out a news release on Saturday that was critical of the Seneca Gaming Corporation board of directors for leaking the news of his removal to the local media.

Redeye says the recent change in leadership is nothing personal.  Synder was ousted from his post amid a recent audit report, which he has since criticized for inacccuracies. 

In a letter to the Seneca Nation Tribal Council, Redeye calls for Snyder's removal from the Gaming Corporation altogether. 

The move comes after a difficult few months for the corporation. In December, they laid off 210 employees from their three casinos in the area.

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