Will Side Streets Get Plowed?

9:15 AM, Dec 1, 2009   |    comments
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Salt Trucks

Last December, there wasn't a plow in sight on some of Buffalo's side streets.

The city blamed it on a fast falling 20 inches of snow, parked cars that weren't moved and not enough manpower.

The mayor later assured residents of a new plan. He spoke of a "snow control room". 

The "snow control room" is ready to go for this year and is set-up to monitor which streets still need to be tackled and to take in calls from the public on problem areas.

2 On Your Side's Josh Boose sat down with Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak.  He says we won't see a repeat of last December because there are 12 more plow drivers that were hired this year.

New parking changes are in place too.  Now, those who park on the street will have to move their vehicles on Mondays and Thursdays, not on the weekend like before.

And the most important change Stepniak says, the city is adding GPS units to all plow trucks.

"What we're going to need our GPS for is shift changing, knowing exactly what has been accomplished and hasn't been," said Stepniak. "It gives an instant report to supervision so there are no streets that are missed."

But those GPS units still need to be set-up.

"Why haven't they been installed yet?" Boose asked Stepniak.

"Well, a couple of reasons," he replied. "We didn't have the funding in place yet and once the funding came in we had to pick a vendor."

Stepniak says they should be up and running in just a few weeks. Add that to the other changes and the city is confident impassable streets and stuck cars won't be a problem anymore.

The city tried out some of the new snow plan last year and they say it has been successful so far. And they're ready for the snow overnight. Stepniak says 30 trucks will be out on the streets by 3am.


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