Chris Collins Alleged Remark Creates Controversy

12:19 PM, Jan 14, 2010   |    comments
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Erie County Executive Chris Collins

BUFFALO, NY- Erie County Executive Chris Collins has been accused of making another controversial comment.

When the New York State Republican Committee Chairman visited Buffalo Wednesday he sang the praises of Erie County Executive Chris Collins.

"I would like to see the things that Chris Collins has done here in Erie County get done for all over New York State," said Cox.

But that was before Rochester area Assemblyman Joseph Errigo came forward. Errigo says he sat next to Collins at the governor's state of the state address last week in Albany, when a woman from Erie County that Collins knew walked up looking for a seat.

Errigo claims Collins told the woman, "I'm sure if you offer someone a lap dance you can find a place to sit."

"I was just like, if this guy wants to run for governor he should clean up his act," said Errigo.

Collins replied to the new allegations saying, "The mischaracterization and fictionalization of my conversation with a friend that was purportedly overheard is something that is even beneath the low standards of slash and burn politics. One thing I'm learning is that fighting the status quo in New York is not easy. It's amazing how far individuals will go to protect entrenched political agendas."

But like Collins, Errigo is a republican. And another republican, Assemblyman Dan Burling, said he heard Collins make a similar comment to the same woman the night before at a party.




"He's a loose cannon," Burling said of Collins.

This isn't the first time Collins' words have been questioned. Last October, he compared State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who is Jewish, to Hitler by calling him the third anti-Christ.

In October, 2 On Your Side's Dave McKinley asked Collins, "The pundits have said this has left you politically damaged should you seek statewide office, do you agree?"

"That's not my focus at all," Collins said. "I've spoken to a lot of people and I've admitted a mistake I don't know what else I can do."

As for this most recent incident, both republicans who have come forward with the allegations say they will not support Collins if he runs for governor. They also say they haven't decided to support the GOP's Rick Lazio who has already declared his candidacy.






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