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Victim Testifies in Felony Hearing Against Buffalo Man Accused of Holding Her Captive

4:31 PM, Feb 12, 2010   |    comments
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  • Michael Abdallah

BUFFALO, NY -  The victim allegedly held captive by a Buffalo man testified in court Thursday at his felony hearing.

The judge asked we not identify the 13-year-old alleged victim in this case and ruled we had to disguise her voice. She testified in the felony hearing of Michael Abdallah, 26, and claims he had sexual relations with her since she met him when she was only 12 years-old. She said at times he wouldn't allow her to leave his Thomas Street home. The girl said she stayed with Abdallah for six weeks until she escaped from a window in December.

"Was there a reason why you couldn't use the door?" the prosecutor asked the teen.

"Because you needed a key to get out the door," she replied.

"And did you have a key?" the prosecutor asked.

"No," the girl replied.

"Who had the key?"

"Michael," said the teen.

"Were there times when the defendant left for long periods of time and you couldn't get out?" the prosecutor asked.

"Yes," the teen said.

But Abdallah's attorney says the girl was always able to come and go as she pleased and was staying there because she was a runaway.

"She had no place to stay and my client did her a favor and helped her out," said Frank Bogulski, Abdallah's attorney.

Abdallah's former girlfriend testified she knew the alleged victim and was in the house with her on several occasions.

"She didn't want to leave the house," said Alicia Bellaun. "She didn't want to go home. She said she and her mother were fighting and she couldn't go home."

The defense claims the allegations came out after Abdullah's one year old son was rushed to the hospital with a burn on his hand.

"The complainant was under investigation for burning the child's hand and then conveniently shifted blame to my client and fabricated the story," said Bogulski.

This case will now go to the grand jury and it will decide if there is enough evidence to go to trial.

At the end of the hearing, the judge doubled Abdallah's bail to $500,000.

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