This Year's Most Popular Wedding Date?

5:33 PM, Feb 23, 2010   |    comments
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One of this year's biggest wedding trends has nothing to do with cakes, flowers, or dresses. It's the date, 10-10-10.

Samuel's Grande Manor in Clarence is one of first stops for brides to secure their wedding dates, and Samuel's has already gotten numerous inquiries for October 10, even though it falls on a Sunday.

According to Mark Fromholt, Samuel's General Manager, the specially numbered dates like 10-10-10 have added allure for brides, but there's no real explanation.

"I think it's simply the ring. People get wrapped up in numbers, we love numbers. The brides like that. I can't explain why, but they certainly gravitate towards that," Fromholt said.

Other big trends for this year, according to Fromholt? Special linens and chair covers.


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