President Obama in Buffalo: An Adventurous Factory Tour

6:17 AM, May 14, 2010   |    comments
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President Obama asks a reporter to try out a hovercraft during a tour of Industrial Support Inc. in Buffalo, NY

BUFFALO, NY -- Call it Barack Obama's Excellent Adventure in a factory - with grudging help from a member of the pool.

The President toured the shops of Industrial Support Inc., a multi-purpose small manufacturing facility in Buffalo.

The highlight: a lot of presidential laughter when he exhorted New York Times reporter Sheryl Stolberg to sit down on a small hovercraft that briefly levitated off the surface of the freshly painted shop floor.

"Who wants to try this out?" a broadly smiling Obama said to the pool when shown the roughly 3-foot wide disc.

Spotting Stolberg, he urged her to try it, telling factory employees she was from the New York Times.

"You're levitating," he exclaimed with child-like enthusiasm as a slightly embarrassed Stolberg skidded a few feet across the floor.

He hugged her and later told her as he walked past the pool, "Your kids are going to love it...not just writing about the Supreme Court."

Obama also watched a demonstration of a small bottle rocket launcher as it sent three Pepsi bottles flying about 100 feet.  "I never had this stuff in science class," he said.

Earlier, he toured a more traditional shop room, stopping to chat with machine operator Adam Drauot of Buffalo.  Drauot, who smiled and said no comment when asked by your pool who he voted for, said he and everyone at the plant were excited by the presidential visit.  He said the factory is doing well and running two shifts.  "We're doing OK," he said.

-Steve Thomma
McClatchy Newspapers

Steve Thomma - McClatchy Newspapers

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