Silly Bandz Constrict Wrists, Distract Students

11:27 AM, Jun 9, 2010   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. - Silly Bandz are taking over the wrists of local elementary and middle school students. But although the colorful little bracelets seem like a harmless fad, some Western New York teachers and parents don't find the bands very fun, or very harmless.

June Bosworth says her 5th grade daughter came home from school one day with numb fingers. "I looked at her arm and she had so many on there that they ended up basically shrinking and kind of contricting her blood flow," she said.

Bosworth says the problem isn't simply that kids are wearing Silly Bandz - it's that they're wearing too many of them. Her daughter Kayla says she has about one-hundred bracelets that she doesn't wear all at once, but some of her friends wear enough to stretch up their arms like sleeves. Bosworth says the bands come in all shapes and sizes, some of which are tight and constricting - especially when worn in bulk.

Local teachers have their own reasons for disliking Silly Bandz. Children often trade the bracelets in school to get different designs or colors. Maple East Elementary in the Williamsville District banned the bracelets because they were too distracting in class. Other schools like St. Gregs and Depew Middle have teacher or grade-based restrictions on the bands.

Whether the bands are a harmless fad or a distraction and a hazard, Bosworth advises moms to check them all the time to make sure they're not too tight. "Fads can be a good thing and a bad thing," she said. "But if you dont' follow up, you know something like this could happen."

It's important to note that there are generic forms of Silly Bandz on the market.  Channel 2 called the parent company of Silly Bandz but our calls were not returned.

Click on the video link above to see Marissa Bailey's report.


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