Home Help Line: It Could Save A Life

12:46 PM, Jul 13, 2010   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Home Help Line is a service provided by Rural Metro Medical Services. When we heard that 77-year old Lydia had the equipment and relied on the service we wanted to test it out.

Rural Metro launched the service last December. It allows seniors living alone to maintain their independence. In the event of a fall or other health emergency, all a person has to do is press a button. In a matter of seconds, the Home Help Line service automatically calls a dispatcher at Rural Metro. A pre-programmed set of information is displayed for the dispatcher. The dispatcher asks if everything is okay through an intercom in the home. If there is no answer, emergency help is automatically sent out immediately.

Lydia showed us how it works by pressing the button. Rural Metro knew ahead of time this was not a true emergency. They responded right away and the equipment worked as it was supposed to. We even tried it from several rooms in the house.

We also went to Rural Metro Services Dispatch Center where we waited for Lydia to press her button from home. We watched as the information immediately displayed and a dispatcher was asking Lydia if everything was okay.

There is no cost for the equipment. The service is $24.99 per month. Lydia says what you get in response is priceless: Peace of mind.

You can see how it works by clicking on the video link. You can get more information by contacting Home Help Line by clicking on the link. Or you can call Rural Metro at 1-877-810-1555.

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