Mazariaz: State Senate Adjourned Until Tuesday

11:48 PM, Jul 29, 2010   |    comments
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ALBANY, NY - State Senator George Maziarz (R-Niagara County) tells 2 On Your Side the Senate leadership has once again adjourned the "extraordinary session" called by the Governor and Senators were told they are not needed back in Albany until next Tuesday.

Maziarz says there was no action at all on the still unresolved revenue package to fund the state budget. That was also the case on Wednesday evening as Senate leaders quickly adjourned.   

An angry Gov. David Paterson warned he will keep forcing lawmakers back to Albany until the budget that was due April 1 is passed.  Paterson has also threatened to go to court to force Senators to attend the sessions. He says if they fail to do so they could be held in contempt.

Two days of session costs nearly $100,000 in per diem expense checks of about $170 a day for lawmakers and the cost of travel, staff lodging, meals, utilities and more.

The Senate's Democratic majority was lacking five members in the rare summer session forced by Paterson. As a result, the majority didn't have the 32 votes needed to pass the last remaining bill needed to finish the state budget. There were also some members missing when they went back into session on Thursday morning.

Maziarz admits he also did not make the special session on Wednesday night. He says he was trying to make it back to Albany following an out of town trip with his wife. Maziarz says his plane was delayed and the short session ended before he got back to Albany. The senator says that is only the second session he has missed. The first occurred following the death of his mother.

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