Police Close To Identifying Mystery Man

11:54 AM, Sep 3, 2010   |    comments
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PORTVILLE, N.Y. - Police in Portville, near Olean, in Cattaraugus County, say they're close to solving a case involving a man who doesn't know who he is.

The man, shown in pictures to the right of this story, was found wandering this week between Emporium and Eldred, Pennsylvania. A man who had seen him in that area, spotted him in Olean on Wednesday and brought him to the police.

Portville Police Chief Ron Brisbee says his department received tips Thursday from family and friends who say they know who this man is.  The tips indicate he is 54-years-old and from the Ridgeway, Pennsylvania area.  Chief Brisbee says information from those tips, along with photos and information from family, who are en route to Olean, will hopefully be used to close this case. The Chief did not want to release the name until they are absolutely certain of who he is.

The man appears to have no memory of his personal history, including his name. He was taken to Olean General to be checked out and admitted under the name "John Doe". Chief Brisbee says doctors at the hospital say the man is in good health, but do suspect he is suffering from some form of amnesia.

When asked questions about himself, the only name he can remember is Dubois and asked if it was a town. He also said he keeps looking for "black and white milk cows".

The wanderer is described as 45-50 years old, about 5'9" tall, with blue eyes, slightly balding with brown and grey hair. He weighs about 175 pounds and has a grey beard. He has possible surgery scars on the front and top of his right shoulder.

When found, he was wearing a blue, long sleeve shirt, jeans, grey socks and brown shoes.

Even with Thursday's tips, Portville Police are still asking anyone with information that could help authorities identify this man to call them at 716-933-8773.


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