Source Says Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino Trying To Get Rick Lazio Out Of Race

1:33 PM, Sep 25, 2010   |    comments
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Rick Lazio

Buffalo, N.Y. - A source close to Carl Paladino's campaign for governor says that  Paladino has called Rick Lazio three times since last week's primary, urging Lazio to drop out of the race.

Paladino easily defeated Lazio in last week's Republican primary, but Lazio won the Conservative party primary.

Recent polls have Lazio winning about eight percent of the vote in a three way match-up with Paladino and Andrew Cuomo.

If Lazio were to drop out, it's presumed that almost all of his vote would go to Paladino.

Lazio must remove his name from the ballot by Monday. If  he does not, he will appear as the Conservative party candidate on the November ballot.

Scott Brown: "Many people say you're not going to win unless Rick Lazio gets out of the race- what have your conversations been, and are you optimistic (about Lazio dropping out)?"

Carl Paladino: "I think that the people who may be upset about Lazio losing right now -  when it comes down to a choice in November between us and Cuomo - they'll be behind us 100 percent. I don't think Rick is going to attract voters at the polls, but that's his choice (whether to drop out or not), we'll beat the two of them (Lazio and Cuomo), or Andrew alone.

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