Paladino Releases Video Aiming to Redirect Campaign Back to Issues

8:29 AM, Oct 5, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Governor's Race is Boiling Down to the Money

Video: Paladino on FOX News

Republican Ticket for Governor & Lt. Governor of New York

BUFFALO, NY - In a recently added video to his website, Carl Paladino addresses the allegations made by Andrew Cuomo regarding his marriage and personal affairs.

The video's message is "This campaign is not about my family, it's not about divorces or affairs." In the nearly two minute video, Paladino seeks to shift the attention away from last week's tussle with a reporter and his unsubstantiated claims that his Democratic rival had an affair.

2 On Your Side caught up with the Republican candidate for New York State Governor and his running mate in downtown Buffalo on Sunday.

Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo may debate, but no date has been set. One thing is certain, voters want to learn where the candidates stand on important issues.

Paladino plans to spend the majority of his time campaigning in the New York City area.

He was asked about debating Cuomo. He says he's "been ready since Primary day." Paladino would like to have all minor party candidates included in a debate.  No word from the Cuomo campaign on Sunday if the terms of a debate have been agreed upon. 

Paladino was asked to be specific on the issue of job creation. He said "we're going to give an incentive to our business world, whether it be manufacturing, creative industries, farms." Paladino said incentives will allow companies to expand and retain jobs.

When it comes to education in New York State, Paladino chimed in to say "the solution is not throwing more money at it." He took a shot at NYSUT. "Put some competition in the marketplace. School choice is the only answer. Stop letting the teachers' union representatives from NYSUT control the futures of our children in this state. They don't know best," said Paladino. 

On an issue with local ties, Paladino blasted Congressman Brian Higgins for driving away Bass Pro when he gave them a deadline to decide if they were going to build in Buffalo. The successful Buffalo developer said Bass Pro was frustrated "after 10 years, you've held us up, 10 years, you've sent all these ignorant development people out to negotiate with us, 10 years and now you're giving us a 2 week ultimatum."

Paladino appeared on Fox News channel during the O'Reilly factor Monday night.  A calmer Paladino told Bill O'Reilly he did not regret the altercation between he and New York Post reporter Fred Dicker, last week.

Click on the video link above to see Marissa Bailey's report and hear more from Carl Paladino during The O'Reilly Factor.

*Programming note: Carl Paladino will be on the Today Show Tuesday morning at 7:07 a.m. with Matt Laurer.

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