Did Snowden Accept Venezuela's Offer?

6:15 PM, Jul 9, 2013   |    comments
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Doug Stanglin, USA TODAY

Has NSA leaker Edward Snowden accept Venezuela's offer of asylum or not?

The head of the Russian parliament's foreign affairs committee tweeted Tuesday that Snowden has, then quickly deleted the message.

There was no immediate explanation for the mixed signals by Russian lawmaker Alexei Pushkov.

Pushkov's initial tweet did not clarify how he learned of Snowden's purported decision, although the Russian politician has played an unofficial role for the Kremlin on the Snowden affair.

What is confirmed is that Venezuela's president says that his country has received an asylum request from NSA leakster Edward Snowden.

President Nicolas Maduro had already offered asylum to Snowden, who apparently is holed up in the transit lounge of a Moscow airport.

Bolivia and Nicaragua also say they'll grant asylum. Ecuador says it will consider any request. Maduro says it is perhaps the world's "first collective humanitarian asylum" with various countries saying "Come here!" But the United States has cancelled Snowden's passport and it's unclear if he has travel documents he would need to leave Moscow.

Maduro says Snowden "will have to decide when he flies here, if he finally wants to travel here." He made the comments late Monday in a meeting with Panama's president. The remarks were distributed Tuesday by his office.

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