Billion2Buffalo: First Installment But Few Details

7:36 PM, Apr 5, 2012   |    comments
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

   Governor Cuomo says the new state budget provides $100 Million dollars to kick start the pledge to provide an eventual $1 Billiion for economic development in Buffalo. That money includes capital investmernt and tax credits. He spoke to other elected officials, various guests, and reporters as he touted his second straight on time budget.    

  The overall goal of the "Billion" plan is to lure businesses which could create thousands of jobs and bring in up to $5 Billion in private new investment.

   Cuomo has stressed that the Western New York Regional Council, which he already established under the leadership of developer Howard Zemsky and UB President Satish Tripathi, would also take the lead in drawing up a new plan to utilize that $1 Billion for economic development. As the Governor puts it, each region has its own economy and it is fashioned by the region in its own way.

  When asked the status of the "Billion" plan and when we could see some results , Cuomo said the state has the money to invest but there must first be a plan in place. That process is still underway. There were no other details provided.     


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