Single Women and Breast Cancer

6:37 PM, Mar 11, 2011   |    comments
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Double Check 2

BUFFALO, NY (WGRZ) -- All relationships are complicated.  Now imagine finding out your girlfriend has breast cancer.  It turned out to be a true test of love for a local couple.

Megan Bostwick was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after her 30th birthday.  She had been dating Domonic Colosimo for about two years but she didn't make the assumption that he was "in for the long haul" when faced with the prospect of cancer treatment and recovery.  

 "I remember looking at him and telling him, 'Well, you didn't sign up for this, so.  Ya know, I will give you a pass on this one if you want to walk out that door right now," Megan recalled. 

But Domonic had no intention of leaving Megan's side.  And although both admit they could never had anticipated all the challenges of managing cancer treatment and recovery, they both admit the experience has helped them forge a stronger bond.

Click on the video icon above to view Channel Two's Maryalice Demler's full story about Megan and Domonic's journey. 










































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