Buffalo Area Students Pledge Not to Text While Driving

2:56 PM, Apr 19, 2010   |    comments
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BARKER, N.Y. - Close to 100 junior and senior students at Barker High School have promised not to text or talk without a hands-free headset while driving.

The students recently signed the Pledge 2 Hang Up. 

The pledge is part of a new campaign from Two On Your Side, designed to make people aware of the growing problem of distracted driving.

Each student signed the following pledge:

I, _______________________ pledge to stop using my cell phone while driving. I pledge not to text, email or talk on my phone without a handsfree device while I am driving my car. I understand distracted driving is dangerous to me and the others on the road. I pledge to pass this message along to those I care about.

"We are living in pretty scary times," said Barker High School principal John Hoar. "We have young drivers who think they are invincible."

Hoar allowed Two On Your Side to bring the pledge to his school. The Barker students are the first to sign the pledge as Two On Your Side spreads the word throughout the Western New York community.

"I don't think that teenagers realize just a simple thing, talking to your friends can really effect someone else's life," said Ashley Huntington, a senior at Barker High School.

Two On Your Side will give other schools the chance to sign the pledge. We will also launch a "Pledge 2 Hang Up" web site that will include resources for students and parents as well as a pledge you can download and sign.

The Barker High School students heard a message from their principal before signing the pledge. Click on the video link on the right hand side of this page to hear from the students as they Pledge 2 Hang Up.


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