West Seneca East Pledges 2 Hang Up

1:46 PM, May 12, 2010   |    comments
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WEST SENECA-The students at West Seneca East High School are taking 2 on Your Side's Pledge 2 Hang Up and making it their own.

This week, the school is hosting "The Great Hang Up," where students can purchase prom tickets and sign the Pledge 2 Hang Up. The whole week is sponsored by CCOE, or Character Council of East, which encourages healthy decisions and good deeds in the district.

Students are hoping by signing the Pledge, it will keep friends and family safe during prom season and year-round.  Principal Angela LaPaglia says not only does she was to encourage students not to text and drive, but also to not drive while they're distracted or under the influence.

"There are other people on the road, and we want to make sure people are safe and send a good message," senior Kailey McDermott said.

"We lost a former graduate to an accident while he was texting, A.J. Larson, so this is something that hits home for us at East," LaPaglia said.

Larson was driving in West Seneca in December 2007 and was hit by a truck. He was sending a text message.

Click on the video at the right to hear what students and staff had to say at West Seneca East on Tuesday.


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