Loose Stone Cargo In Trucks: Against the Law

10:24 PM, May 4, 2011   |    comments
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Chip from stone in car windshield

BUFFALO, NY-- With the construction season upon us, you may notice plenty of dump trucks and other haulers carrying loose stones or gravel. And that's a concern for any motorist who has seen a stone fly out and cause a nick or crack in the windshield or some other damage to the car.

  There actually is a state law which requires trucks to use a cover or tarp over any loose cargo that cannot be secured. And any operator who does not do so can face a ticket from police if they are caught. Captain Mike Nigrelli of the New York State Police Troop T Thruway detail says they do take it seriously because it can cause a dangerous situation at highway speeds.

  Some auto glass distributors estimate the cost of repairing a starburst nick at $60 to 70 dollars and replacement of a whole windshield from a crack can run anywhere from $100 up to 800 dollars depending on the make and model of the car. There is a deductible for auto glass on many insurance policies, so it might be best to report it to the police to help document the damage.      

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