Tipline: City Splash Pads On All Night

7:32 PM, Jul 7, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - The city of Buffalo opened its splash pads a month early this year to give residents an option to beat the spring heat.

One of our viewers is wondering if they may be running them too late as well. They noticed that the pads at Schiller and Cazenovia Parks were running all hours. 2 On Your Side went out at 1:00am Thursday morning and found the same thing.

We took the question to Buffalo's Deputy Commissioner for Parks and Recreation, Andrew Rabb.  Rabb explained that there is a reason for both cases. The pad in Schiller Park actually serves a secondary purpose. It is an aeration sprinkler for the nearby pond.

The Cazenovia splash pad is one of the city's older pads, so Rabb says, it does not have a simple on/off mechanism. He says it is actually more economical to keep the pad running 24/7 than send someone out to shut it down and restart it every day.

Rabb says his department is currently conducting a review of all city splash pads to see if they can all be updated to include an automated timer system.

Short of major repairs or upgrades, it costs the city about $10,000 a year to operate and maintain the pads. 

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