Thruway Sound Barriers: Why Not Some Areas?

10:41 PM, Jul 27, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY-- A recent call to our 2 On Your Side Tipline raised questions about the recent construction of sound barriers along the East - bound lanes of the Thruway near the Lackawanna toll barrier. They are adjacent to homes along North Drive and South Fisher Road.

  Residents who live along Majestic Terrace just off Abbott Road in Lackawanna feel they should have been included in any study of such sound barriers. They sit across the Thruway from the barriers now under construction.

 Diane Hlat and Marty Druzbick say they feel the Thruway Authority has ignored their concerns about noise.  They point out that the acceleration of west - bound trucks and cars leaving the toll barrier causes plenty of noise which affects them. They also worry that more sound could be reflected off of the new barriers.

 Thruway spokesperson Betsy Feldstein says engineers determined that the neighborhood on Majestic Terrace did not qualify for a sound barrier because they did not meet a requirement for 25 homes within 200 feet of the Thruway pavement.

  Feldstein  says the new barriers will also have a special material coating which absorbs sound and will not reflect any additional sound back at the homes on Majestic Terrace.

   Staffers of State Senator Tim Kennedy say they will be in touch with the Thruway Authority to determine if anything can be done for residents of Majestic Terrace.



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