Yellow Paint Problem for Drivers In Tonawanda

7:22 PM, Oct 28, 2010   |    comments
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TOWN of TONAWANDA, NY-- Motorists using Brighton Road in the Town of Tonawanda on Tuesday morning may have noticed hard to remove splattered specks of yellow road paint on their vehicles.  

Some drivers contacted 2 On Your Side to find out what they could do.

It turns out that Erie County is aware of the problem because it provides maintenance for Brighton Road. County spokesman Grant Loomis says a line painting crew was out early Tuesday morning to apply the paint to designate lanes in the road.  

Loomis says the manufacturer of the paint guarantees it is supposed to dry within 40 seconds. But obviously it failed to do so on Tuesday when many cars tracked through the bright yellow paint and it was splashed onto vehicles.  

Loomis says the county highway department feels it was a bad batch of the paint. They are preparing for a claim against the producer of the paint and its insurance carrier. That money could be used to help compensate people who have to pay to remove the paint.

Loomis suggests vehicle owners who were affected to contact the Erie County Attorney's office at 858 - 2200. Their name and number will be recorded so that the county can call them.        


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