NF Couple Upset By Offset Sidewalk Needing Repair

6:33 PM, Nov 11, 2010   |    comments
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Cracked sidewalk problem for NF couple

NIAGARA FALLS, NY-- Terry and Joe DeMonte say they have asked the City of Niagara Falls Public Works Department for the past nine years to fix the sidewalk along 16th Street in their neighborhood.

They are frustrated with promises, but no action so far on the sidewalk which is cracked and pushed up in places so that the concrete is uneven.  It is especially a problem for Terry DeMonte who must use a wheelchair and a walker because of her disability.

Joe DeMonte says his wife's wheelchair can get stuck in those cracks. Joe says there are times when he almost dumped his wife from the chair while trying to wrestle it out of a crack.

The DeMontes' say they have written a series of letters through the years to various mayors and the Public Works Department.

Public Works Director David Kinney says he is aware of the DeMontes' problem. But the city is limited by time and resources with a four person crew which handles sidewalk repairs in the warm weather months.

Kinney assures 2 On Your Side that the sidewalk near the DeMontes' home will be placed near the top of the list for replacement in the spring when concrete can be poured.           



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