Holland Soccer Team 'Devastated' Over Decision

7:23 PM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
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HOLLAND, NY -  It's often said that sports remain a great metaphor for life's more difficult lessons, Tuesday night in Holland that famous quote takes on an even more significant meaning.

"They are really great kids, and put in a strong effort all season long and my heart goes out to them, truly it does," said.

The girls soccer team played 17 games this season, but only 16 were allowed according to stare public high school athletic association guidelines. The penalty for the mistake makes the team ineligible from the date of the violation for the rest of the season.The decision was made Tuesday evening.

Principal James Biryla, told Channel 2 News, "I'm saddened to say our efforts and appeal to the state athletic association was denied... which essentially means the end of the line and our girls will not be playing soccer in the post season."

So, the Holland High School Girls Soccer team, considered by some to be the best small school team in WNY, won't be playing in the state playoffs this year, due to a technicality.

The girls were understandably upset, as they walked shoulder to should after learning about the decision.

Captain of the team, Katherine Shanahan said, "I just wanted to say how heartbroken and devastated wer are but that doesn't change how much of a family we are and I love these girls and would not have done this season any other way."

The school principal says it was a terrible mistake, nothing that several people in the athletic department overlooked how many games were scheduled.

"My hope is there is a lesson learned here, I hope some safeguards are put in the future," said Biryla.

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