Romney In Buffalo: Two Hours, One Million Dollars

7:59 PM, Jun 29, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - If you blink today, you might miss Mitt Romney's appearance in Buffalo.

Romney is going to be in town for about two hours, and unless you have some big bucks, you won't be able to see him.

Despite his very brief stay, it's going to be a very profitable trip for the Republican presidential candidate.

It's expected that Romney will raise well over one million dollars during a fundraiser here.

It'll cost you $2,500 for a reception at the Historical Society.

$5,000 if you want a picture with Romney.

And $10,000 for a more intimate affair at Republican businessman Tony Gioia's home near Delaware Park.

Who will be there?

The usual suspects - lawyers, businessmen, real estate types and Republican officials.

This is all part of what could be called the 'dash for cash' by both Romney and President Obama.

The two men are expected to raise about one billion dollars each for this year's presidential race.

The event was originally going to start start later in the day and last longer, but it's now been cut back.

An e-mail went out to supporters on Thursday saying that as a result of the big Supreme Court decision on health care "the Romney team has decided that they need to be available to the national media Friday evening for the Governor's comments on the decision."

And so right after his trip here, Romney will fly back to his Boston campaign headquarters with more than a million dollars for his campaign in hand.




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