School of Veterinary Medicine Proposed for Millard Gates Hospital Site

6:17 PM, Aug 29, 2012   |    comments
  • Chason Affinity Proposal for Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital
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BUFFALO, NY-- Kaleida Health has selected a company to develop the former Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital site.

Chason Affinity was selected for their proposal to build a new "School of Veterinary Medicine".

The proposal is based on observation of shortages of veterinarians nationwide and lack of veterinary school slots.

Chason Affinity proposed plan calls for the reuse of most of the building to preserve some of historic features of the building.

"Chason Affinity's proposal is visionary, is a good reuse of the hospital and can bring tremendous economic impact to our community," said James R. Kaskie, president and CEO of Kaleida Health. "While there is much work still to be done by the developer, we are very excited for the community about this unique opportunity."

Chason Affinity proposes a green design as an extension of the Frederick Law Olmsted parkway system.

This includes:

• Using the main hospital building as a veterinary teaching hospital with classrooms and support services.
• Removing "nonessential" buildings to create park and pedestrian friendly areas throughout the campus.
• Excavating the original 1911 Homeopathic Hospital building to renovate as an on-campus residence.
• Adding translucent additions to the brick tower building - a ground level addition facing Gates Circle, an atrium in the center of the campus, and a 10th floor glass walled enclosure - that will increase the transparency of the complex and its relation to the surrounding neighborhoods.

"This is a great day, not just for Buffalo, but for all of New York," said Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. "This initiative will help strengthen Buffalo's economy while preserving its rich history and making New York a leader in addressing a nationwide shortage of veterinarians. I commend Kaleida Health and Chason Affinity for their hard work on this critically important project for our future." "The rich talent and diversity of a veterinary school brings enormous benefits and spin-offs for a community," said Mark Chason, president of Chason Affinity. "Over 50% of America's pets receive no regular veterinary care, so there continues to be a need for veterinarians. As Baby Boomer veterinarians retire, this need will only grow."

Chason Affinity still needs to secure financing for the project and secure a veterinary school tenant for the site before a designated developer can be assigned.

The cost of the project is estimated at $65 million.

Source: Kaleida Health

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