Three Year Old Boy Walks Out of Buffalo Pre-K School

5:22 AM, Sep 9, 2012   |    comments
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  A woman from Buffalo's Kaisertown Neighborhood says she was "beyond furious" yesterday when she found her three year old son had left his pre-K class at Houghton Academy and walked along the very busy Clinton Street to his home on Krakow Street. At one point he even crossed Clinton which can have very heavy traffic with large trucks. The school is also located near a busy ramp off the 190.  

  Jennifer contacted our 2 On Your Side Tipline because she was not satisfied with the response from school staffers at Houghton Academy.

  Associate Superintendent Will Keresztes tells WGRZ that this situation is "unacceptable" as district officials launched an inquiry to determine what happened with this breakdown in supervision. Keresztes says the district requires "one hundred percent" supervision for children in such classes. He says they do not have alarms on the doors for the schools because older students and adults can leave school at any time. He feels the required supervision to make sure students are in class is the responsibility of school staffers.

   Jennifer tells us her son did return to the school today with assurances from district officials. She says fortunately she has been able to teach him how to cross streets with red lights even at his very young age. Her older children also attend the school so that is probably how he knew how to get home on Krakow Street.    

   Jennifer also told us that her son had a guardian angel. She says a woman stopped her car when she saw him and was on her phone with 911 as she followed him to make sure he got home safely. She thanks that stranger for her kindness and concern.   


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