Tipline: Repairs for Stony Road in Lancaster?

12:54 AM, Sep 22, 2012   |    comments
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Potholes on Stony Road

  A viewer named Maxx contacted our 2 On Your Side Tipline via Facebook to ask why there have been no repairs for Stony Road in Lancaster which is a popular access road running between the busy Walden Avenue and Genesee Street in the town.

   He pointed out the rough road surface with potholes and other flaws. We checked it out and found indeed it is a rough ride in spots. We also noted that there may be some drainage issues with the nearby Ellicott Creek.

   Frank DiSanto who lives along the road also told us about his frustration as a long time resident. As he put it "They come in here and they put a coat of oil on, some stone and that's it. They've never re-paved  this whole road in 40 years. And it just gets worse. As a matter of fact, I belong to the Bowmansville Fire Department as a volunteer. Years back when we used to have our own ambulance, we used to come down here to just see if we can do CPR on somebody on a bad road. You know...this road is just terrible." 

  Mr. DiSanto also pointed out a nearby bridge south of the Pleasant View Drive intersection which carries Stony Road traffic over Ellicott Creek. He says town officials told him that they would have crews in August remove debris which has built up under the bridge but so far he has not seen any work done there. We did not hear back from Supervisor Dino Fudoli's office on when that work will begin.

 We did find out that Stony Road is maintained by Erie County and an engineer tells us that it is scheduled for reconstruction work in 2013. He predicts residents will see that work begin in late spring or summer of next year. There will also be an engineering study sometime this fall to determine how to best handle the project and the drainage issue. The Army Corps of Engineers and State DEC will be consulted because it is technically in a floodplain area.    




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