Buffalo Schools Superintendent On Critical Report

12:44 AM, Oct 12, 2012   |    comments
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Pamela Brown

BUFFALO, NY - Buffalo's new school superintendent was not surprised by a report on the school district conducted by a distinguished educator. "I'm not shocked at all, because these are things that I saw when I came on board," regarding leadership and poor communication between central staff and individual schools, said Dr. Pamela Brown.

"I am in agreement that what you see in the action plan, which includes strategies that can be effective in improving performance in the district." The new superintendent collaborated with the distinguished educator, Judy Elliott on the report and they identified areas in need of immediate attention.

When 2 On Your Side's Claudine Ewing asked Dr. Brown what she planned to do about the report, she said "we're getting people together who are from different departments within central office and saying this is our primary focus, our work is to be out in the schools, determining what the needs of the schools are."

Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore says the report only emphasizes what teachers have been saying for many years. "The structure when it comes to providing support for the teachers and principals is non-existent. If you really want to find out what the schools need, ask the principals, ask the teachers, that's how you find out what the real needs are, not by sending people down from City Hall to make their assessment."

Mayor Byron Brown says he expects the report to be embraced by the district. He criticized former interim-Superintendent Amber Dixon for not making changes when she was in charge.

While a huge chunk of the city's budget goes to the city schools, the Mayor said "the buck is absolutely on the shoulders of the superintendent."

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