Confusion Still Reigns Over Gun Laws

7:43 PM, Jan 21, 2013   |    comments
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ALBANY, NY - Governor Cuomo's signing of the SAFE Act, which toughened gun control laws in New York State, left some singing his praises and others railing in anger.

It also left many gun owners confused about what the law means and what you might need to do to comply.

On Monday, the state began operating a telephone hotline, staffed by members of the New York State Police, to answer questions.

The hotline, which can be reached by dialing 1-855-LAW-GUNS (1-855-529-4867), will be available Monday-Friday during normal business hours. (You may need some patience; however, as it took us five hours and more than two dozen tries to get through).
The Governor's office tells us it will be working to add more lines in order to better accommodate what thus far has been a high volume of calls.

The hotline became active just two days after the state launched a website, which also seeks to answer frequently asked questions about the new laws.

The site includes a section on what is and is not considered an assault weapon, including photos of weapons and banned features.
There are also sections about magazines, antique guns and magazines, safe storage, dealers, and crimes.

However, neither the hotline nor the website is of much assistance at this point, in clearing up questions regarding the need for permit holders, who previously had that permit for life, to have to re-register every five years.

County Clerks across the state, who process pistol permits, say they cannot be of much help in this point in answering those questions and are still awaiting direction from Albany.

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