Lancaster Memorial Bike Park Soon To Be A Reality

1:45 AM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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Bryce Buchholz

LANCASTER, NY - If all goes as planned, residents of Lancaster will have a beautiful new memorial bike park to enjoy in Keysa Park this Fall.

It will be a result of a lot of hard work and generosity from a lot of Western New Yorkers hoping to never forget a young man from Lancaster that was killed while riding his bike.

Angela Watz is sure the park will be built, to date the Bryce Buchholz memorial fund has raised more than $125,000 and all they need is another $25,000 to reach the magic number to build a beautiful new bike park. 

Watz told us "we want to get to our goal of $150,000, but to be at $125,000 just starting out last July is really something, Lancaster has helped to accomplish."

Angela's son Joseph had been riding with Bryce the same day he was struck and killed by 24-year-old Michael Ettipio on Lake Avenue in Lancaster last May.  Ettipio plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to one to three years in state prison.  Investigators say his blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit after the crash.

Angela tells us her son Joseph and Bryce were buddies, so getting this bike park built has become a personal venture for Angela, and she's overjoyed that the vision organizers have is going to happen. Volunteers sold all kinds of merchandise to remember Bryce and to raise the money to get the job done, many items in blaze orange, the same color of Bryce's' signature bike.

Angela is overjoyed.  "In the beginning you have doubts, and worry but then you see the generosity coming out, the support has been outstanding."

Angela recently received this letter of intent from the Town of Lancaster to start progress at the park and discuss the project with design firms to make the park a special place to visit.

This Spring will be a busy time for volunteers as they have several more fund raisers planned including the biggest event which is called "Bryce's Ride Home" it's a commemorative bike ride in May.

Organizers hope to break ground on the park this June and complete it in September.




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