Tipline Concern: Armor Duells-Powers Rd. Intersection

9:37 AM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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Armor Duells-Powers Roads Intersection in OP

Orchard Park, NY - An unusual Orchard Park intersection is drawing the concern of a viewer who contacted our Tipline.

She feels its dangerous and confusing and some neighbors agree. So far there have only been discussions about the junction of Armor Duells and Power Roads in Orchard Park.

But one of our viewers, Kim Nozbish, has been worried about it since her daughter had an accident there earlier this month. East - bound traffic on Armor Duells can angle right onto Powers but traffic on Powers trying to go on to Armor Duells must make an awkward left or right turn. There is also an intersection of Powers and Old Orchard Lane just south of that angled road junction.

Some drivers and nearby residents feel the intersection can be confusing, especially with the placement of the stop sign for traffic on Powers entering Armor Duells. They also say people tend to speed by on Armor Duells where sight lines may be limited.

Martha Nealon who lives on Old Orchard Lane says, " I've seen only one accident and I've had many near misses from people in front of us..especially during maybe people going to work or coming home from work and Powers backs up. That's when your problems are and everybody's moving fast."

Orchard Park Police say they do not have an accident count at the intersection but will research it and will refer it to the town's Public Safety Board for discussion. Deputy Commissioner Charlie Sickler of the Erie County Highways department, which has responsibility for both Armor Duells and Powers Roads, says they are willing to work with the town on a solution. That might involve larger stop signs or other warnings for drivers in what they acknowledge is a weird intersection. We will follow up to see if there is any movement for any changes there

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