Former FBI Agent Shares Insight

11:43 PM, Apr 19, 2013   |    comments
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Two former FBI agents who worked in Buffalo gave us their insight into Friday's manhunt.

Former FBI Special Agent In-Charge Bernie Tolbert watched the final hour of the manhunt with us. He predicted early on that law enforcement might use a negotiator to help coax the 19-year-old suspect out of the boat.

"If he's in that boat, he's not sticking his head up because he doesn't want anyone taking a shot at him, so I'm not sure how effective a negotiator would be, but it certainly is a choice you'd want to consider. You know, in situations when you can, you try to get a phone in, a negotiation phone in. They have those and talk directly with the person who barricaded themselves," says Tolbert.

Also Friday, retired FBI Special Agent Peter Ahearn told us that what ended up happening would be the best case scenario for investigators.

"I think that you see law enforcement hoping to do is get a tip where they can surprise the guy and then take him into custody without incident, that is the priority what they're trying to do," says Ahearn.

But Tolbert says the FBI's job is really only just beginning. There is a lot of evidence for law enforcement to collect from the neighborhood, and they also have to interview the suspect.

"You still have a crime that was committed that has to be adjudicated somehow. So, there will be a trial. You've got the huge task of all the evidence you have to gather. It really does just begin now," says Tolbert.

Tolbert tells us there is always one person in charge during manhunts of this scale. In this case, it was likely someone from the FBI, but they would work a shift and then switch out with someone else because Tolbert says being well-rested is important.

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