Deaf Woman Gives Deaf Dog Second Chance

5:12 PM, May 23, 2013   |    comments
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Niagara Falls, NY - She was a dog that no one wanted until a Western New York woman read about her online.

Jessica Czamara of Niagara Falls had to meet Maggie because they share something significant. Both of them are deaf.

The pitbull was found in need of food and medical attention. She was chained in a backyard in North Carolina.
Maria Sansone with Diamonds in the Ruff explains, "She was very skinny and you could see her ribs and you could see where she sat all the time on the concrete. All the hair was worn off of the back of her legs."
Kate Stephens with Educate-a-Bull Rescue says the pitbull was pretty much forgotten and was not given a name because she was deaf.

Jessica found out about Maggie through a friend and had to see if she would fit into her family. Jessica says, "I feel like I could relate to the dog because I'm deaf, and the dog is deaf. There are some things that the dog does that we do in the deaf community." For example, you have to pat Maggie or get in her line of vision to get her attention. Jessica is teaching Maggie commands like sit and eat with sign language, and she's responding well.

Jessica and her fiance Steven Fortunato are making sure that Maggie's new life is full of fun and love. Maggie will not be underestimated because she's deaf as Steven has seen happen to Jessica. Steven says, "She can do anything that us as hearing people can do. In my eyes, there's no big difference except that she can't hear somebody yelling from behind or the loud car that goes by."

Maggie's resuers hope she has no memory of her life before coming to Western New York.
Stephens with Educate-a-Bull says, "It's amazing. It's absolutely amazing to see picture of her intially and then bring her up on transport and take her out and meet her.... and to see her so well fitted to her new family, her home and her new brother." Sansone with Diamonds in the Ruff says, "It's great. It's so great to see her now. She looks beautiful."

Jessica says Maggie has a good heart, and that's the connection that matters most. 

Diamonds in the Ruff and Educate-a-Bull need foster families. More information is available on each of their websites.

You can see Maggie's story in the video player above.

Due to the unique nature of this story, we have the script below so the deaf comminuty can read it as they watch.

Transcript: She was a dog no one wanted... until rescuers in two states joined forces to try to save her. Now she's part of a family right here in Western New York. 2 On Your Side's Theresa DeLuca explains why one woman felt such a strong connection to "Maggie."

Maggie is a quick study.
The pit bull is learning commands from her new owner Jessica.... with her new friend Champ.
Those commands include sign language because Jessica and Maggie have something in common.

Jessica Czamara, Adopted Maggie says, "Well, I feel like I could relate to the dog because I'm deaf and the dog is deaf."
To get her attention, I have to pat her or waive to her. The same thing with deaf people you have to touch them on the shoulder or wave in their vision. And she's funny and how she plays."

Much different from just a few months ago. She was rescued in North Carolina, found chained in a backyard.

Kate Stephens with Educate-a-Bull says, "He said that he'd all but forgotten her and left her out there and hadn't bothered to name her because she was deaf."

And now her rescuers hope all she will remember is that because she is deaf, and much more, she is loved by her new family.

Maria Sansone with Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue says, "I almost cried because it was just such uh, unique and perfect for her for both of them."

Jessica and her fiancé Steven are making sure Maggie is never treated poorly again.
Never under-estimated because she is deaf.
And taught to communicate with patience from a friend who understands Maggie in a way no one who hears can.

Jessica says, "She's just such a sweet dog. She gives lots of kisses. She's a great addition to our family."

Theresa DeLuca says "Jessica found Maggie after a friend saw her on the rescue's Facebook page.
Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue and Education-a-Bull need foster families to help care for other animals.
We have more information at wgrz-dot-com.
When you see Jessica and Maggie together, you understand a little better why volunteers work so hard for that perfect fit. Theresa DeLuca... Channel 2 News."

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