Kenmore Avenue Road Repair Scheduled

7:19 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
Kenmore Avenue Repairs
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Buffalo, NY - Our viewers and visitors to our website voted for Kenmore Avenue as one of the worst roads in Western New York and it actually came in as the second worst road in that category.

As Town of  Tonawanda Highway Superintendent Bill Swanson puts it  "We gotta get something's a mess."

Swanson says town officials have been complaining to Erie County for years about the condition of Kenmore Avenue.
It's a major connection to the University District which passes through the four communities of the Town of Tonawanda, Village of Kenmore, City of Buffalo, and a small part in the Town of Amherst.

And again it's listed as one of the worst because "It's potholes and deterioration. There's no base underneath so what they have to do...we have to re-construct the whole road."

In fact Swanson says this street repair was the subject of a visit to the County Legislature on Wednesday by him and the town supervisor and they cited our poll "We actually mentioned that we did see it on Channel 2 that they talked about how the bad condition of this road. It's one of the most busiest streets in Erie County." 

So now we hear this from Buffalo Public Works Commissioner   
Steve Stepniak "We have a good plan for Kenmore Avenue. Take that off your list. Get that completed and get that done." 

Stepniak says Kenmore Avenue will be re-built in three phases...from Colvin to Englewood starting this year...then from Elmwood to Colvin next year...then with the promise of future federal funding...and the stretch from Englewood to Main Street in 2015.

And Erie County is the city's construction partner for a particular reason as Stepniak notes "I think there's been years back where half of Kenmore's been paved and the other half hasn't been paved. Because they didn't have that cooperation that we have doing this whole street at one time because we're doing it as a joint effort." 2 On Your Side asked "Does that make it difficult...we understand the county owns the north side of the street and the city owns the south side of the street. Is that a reason why this frankly has not been paved for a while ?"
Stepniak responds " hasn't. Putting together the joint cooperation is the way we felt it should go and we decided to get creative on this and make it happen."

Tonawanda Highway Superintendent Swanson says he is glad they will start to pave Kenmore Avenue.  But he says parts of this project have been talked about before but then pushed back in the past. We will try to follow up with Erie County officials next week. 



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