South Park Ave. Reopened After Water Main Break

5:16 PM, Jun 24, 2013   |    comments
  • South Park Avenue and Boone Street in South Buffalo
  • Gates Circle Fountain
  • Broken steps at Gates Circle Fountain
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BUFFALO, NY - South Park Avenue from Spaulding Street to Alamo Street was closed for most of the day Sunday while workers tried to figure out what caused a water main break that cut off water to residents in the area.

South Park was reopened around 1am.

It's not known if the break is connected to an earlier line break that occurred farther north on South Park, near the intersection of Boone Street.

City Commissioner of Public Works Steve Stempniak was on the scene all day. By Sunday night water service was being restored to customers, according to a City of Buffalo spokesperson.

Meanwhile, it appears that the water fountain in Gates Circle has been damaged, and water has flooded the walkway surrounding the holding pool. The city has also put up a barrier to block off some broken stairs at the fountain.

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