Despite Threat Of Rain, Fireworks Shows Should Go On

6:41 PM, Jul 4, 2013   |    comments
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Fireworks shells being loaded into launching tubes

BUFFALO, NY - While you might need an umbrella if you venture out to take in a fireworks show tonight, you should still expect to see one, according to a company operating the lion's share of displays scheduled in Western New York.

Skylighters, an Orchard Park based firm which has been contracted to conduct 20 displays in the region on Thursday, says high winds would be about the only reason they would call-off a show, although they note those sponsoring the events might cancel one if there is lightning about.

The fireworks themselves are pretty much water proof, according to Bob Leo, the NYS licensed pyro-technician with Skylighters, who will be in charge of the area's largest display on Buffalo's waterfront.

During set up he also explained that they keep the fuses dry, by first setting up a tent over the tubes as the shells are loaded, before the tubes are then wrapped with a type of plastic sheath which they actually fire right through if need be.

And as disappointed as you or your kids might be in the rare event of a cancellation, Leo says it'd be an even bigger bummer for him.

"I'll be honest, for me this is like being a rock star," Leo told WGRZ-TV, noting that for the other 51 weeks of the year, he's working his full time job at Lowes.

"I work a job every day where at the end of my shift I go home. Well, here, at the end of my shift,  I get applause coming from everywhere. It's kind of an big ego thing, but we get thousands of people cheering (our work) and the enjoyment they get is what it's all about."

There should be plenty of cheers to go around for the crews of Skylighters, which (between shows scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) will be conducting 42 Fourth of July fireworks shows in Western New York.

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