Buffalo and Erie County Team Up To Fix Kenmore Avenue

6:44 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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Kenmore Avenue to be repaved

BUFFALO, NY - A road re-paving project that many of you have requested is finally taking shape. In our "worst roads" survey,  Kenmore Avenue came in at number two and now the unique street will get some joint attention.

We are now told that come September,  a 1.1 mile portion of Kenmore Avenue will be under construction. It will be the first of three phases on this project. 

We asked viewers in May to vote on the worst roads in Western New York. Our viewers pointed out the potholes and deterioration of Kenmore Avenue. Viewers told us that only Interstate 86 in the Southern Tier was in worse shape. 
Back in mid June the city told us they would tackle this Kenmore project together with Erie County because of its unique situation. The county technically owns the North side or actual westbound lane of the street while the city owns the south side or eastbound lane. Kenmore Avenue actually stretches through four separate communities...Amherst, Buffalo, Kenmore, and the town of Tonawanda.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz and Mayor Byron Brown jointly announced this teamwork project for this neglected street. When asked if this is a model for future cooperation..Poloncarz said "This is a perfect example of how by collaborating with innovative ideas we can ensure that you don't just have one side that's in poor condition and the other side in good condition. So I think this is a model that can be used. But the one problem is there's very few roads in all of Erie County that have this dual type ownership. Most of the roads are either owned by the city or owned by the county or the town. But I see this as an opportunity going forward for this road at least in particular."

So under the schedule,  work begins in September on the portion of Kenmore from Fairfield Avenue to Colvin. The cost for Erie County is about $557,000 to grind up about three inches of asphalt and then replace it. Then in 2014,  the city jumps in with a half million to do the same on Kenmore between Colvin and Elmwood. Finally just under a mile portion of Kenmore between Fairfield and Main Street is tentatively scheduled for work under a federally funded portion to be done in 2015.

County officials say they pushed in the past to get Kenmore totally rebuilt but the state and federal governments kept putting it off. So now the county and city will handle it in this piece - meal approach.


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