Bieber Tickets Released for "Sold Out" Show

6:21 PM, Jul 12, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY -- Justin Bieber and his Believe World Tour hit Buffalo Monday. Even though the show sold out in minutes in December, you can still get tickets directly from the original seller.

That has one Hamburg mom, who paid hundreds of dollars for her tickets, outraged.

"It was just before Christmas, and I spoke with my family and I said, we've got to get her these tickets because she's a die-hard fan," says Kimberly Williams.

Williams' daughter, Allana, loves Justin Bieber. Her room is full of Bieber posters, dolls and calendars.

With the pre-sale code in hand, Allana's family of Christmas elves sat at their computers this past December ready to buy.

"We were waiting and waiting for ten o'clock. All of us clicked right on at ten o'clock and nothing available," she says.

The concert sold out in 30 minutes.

When Allana's mom decided to check Stub Hub two months later, she was not happy with the prices.

"The tickets that were originally 55, 60 dollars, were selling for hundreds and hundreds of dollars," she says.

Instead of a 13th birthday party this year, Allana got two Bieber tickets in the 300 level for $200 a pop.

You can imagine mom's outrage when she discovered Thursday that tickets are now available for a fraction of what she paid directly from tickets dot com, the original seller.

In fact, late Thursday, we logged on and found we could buy tickets on the floor near the stage for $92.50 a piece.

"I could get tickets on the floor for the price that I paid for tickets on the 300 level, so I was a little sick over that," says Williams.

The reason? Mike Gilbert, who handles community relations for the Sabres, told us that when a concert comes to the First Niagara Center, the promoter holds tickets for various reasons. Sometimes tickets around the stage and other parts of the arena where equipment might go are held. The promoter then releases those tickets for sale if the space is not needed.

A local promoter who is not associated with Bieber's tour told us that sometimes the band requests so many tickets per show for fan clubs and guests. Then, as the date gets closer, they release any unsold tickets back to the promoter.

"I never knew that they would open up tickets again right before the concert to sell like this, or I would have waited, but I was so afraid that I wouldn't get tickets that I wanted to do it. It's just that they're missing out on their most loyal fans," says Williams.

And, based on her amount of love for the Biebs, Allana considers herself one of his biggest fans. She already has her game plan for Monday all figured out.

"Listen to his CD on the way there and get in all my Justin Bieber attire," says Allana.
We called Justin Bieber's promoter, AEG Live, and we were told that the only marketing manager was not in Thursday, and that no one else was allowed to talk with us.

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