City of Niagara Falls Cleaning Up After Summer Storm

9:41 AM, Jul 22, 2013   |    comments
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24 hours after a strong summer storm ripped through the City of Niagara Falls, streets are still taped off and cars are still trapped and smashed under fallen trees.

People have been cutting into the mess trying to clear the way so life can get back to normal.

Generators have been kicked on as entire blocks are without power.

"A tree came flying down hit the house and wires came down," Thomas Sirianni said. "That's when we knew we were in trouble."

 Down the street Isabelle is raking up debris around her house and is still taking in what happened next door.

"I've never seen anything like this," Isabelle Hort said. "This tree that's fallen down here .It's like uprooted from the roots."

Mayor Paul Dyster declared a limited state of an emergency.

"Bringing contractors on board without going through the very long procedures usually involved in government," Mayor Paul Dyster said.

 A travel advisory is also in place with potential street lights and traffic signals out.

"That's a dangerous situation where you can have to cars collide at an intersection," Dyster said.

 The final resting place for many has been disturbed at Oakwood Cemetery with tombstones knocked over and tree limbs littering the grounds.

"I'm pretty shocked," Pete Ames said. "I knew there was a good storm last night but I wasn't prepared for this, it's pretty devastating."

 But in the midst of a giant mess -- there's a big sense of community.

"We've got a great neighborhood here," Sirianni said." Everybody's come together and everybody's been great."

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