Buffalo Schools Spent $2.9 Million On Cosmetic Surgery

1:06 PM, Jul 31, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - "Tell me how a person getting cosmetic surgery gives our children a better education?" asks Sam Radford, the head of the parents group, the District Parents Coordinating Council. 

Figures just released by the Buffalo Schoool District show it  paid $2.9 milliion for cosmetic procedures for teachers during 2012-13.

Radford shakes his head when thinking about the types of procedures that are covered by the school district- it's enough to make any Hollywood star proud:

* Hair Removal

* Breast Implants

* Liposuction

* Skin Peels

* Nose Jobs

Although the district spending millions of dollars a year on cosmetic procedures is not a new issue, new figures show that the district actually spent about $200,000 more this past school year than it did the year before.

Radford says with the school system's current financial problems, the money being spent on cosmetic procedures could be used instead for very pressing problems.

Sam Radford: "Right now we don't have an after school program at every school and that cost could put an after school program at every school. Right now we got challenges associated with having music in our schools, right now we don't have teacher aides and teacher assistants in all of our classrooms  - those are things that those costs could go to pay for."

Teacher union President Phil Rumore didn't return phone calls from 2 On Your Side on Tuesday, but in the past he's said ending the cosmetic surgery benefit has to be part of negotiations for a new contract.

"We're willing to give it up. All the district has to do is come to the table and negotiate with us," Rumore has said in the past.

It's important to note that the teachers' last contract expired nine years ago.

Scott Brown: "Do you think that's realistic, are there going to be broad negotiations on a contract?"

School Board Member John Licata: "We have to have broad negotiations on a contract, it's a decade or so without a contract, we gotta get one in place. And yes I believe that cosmetic rider will be gone."

Sam Radford, District Parents Coordinating Council: "Until we come to terms as a community with our children being as important as the benefits we give our employees, we will continue to be a district that's failing and going in the wrong direction."









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